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Survivorship as More Than an Outcome

Our dedication to survivorship is the foundation of our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship – not just for the patients who are surviving disease, but also for their families, the communities where they live and our planet.

Who we serve

We take a PATIENT IN* approach to Corporate Sustainability, leveraging our Patient Expert Council to develop a national Survivorship initiative that reflects our beliefs and responsibility to patients beyond the medicine.

*Servier’s “Patient In” strategy provides a framework for a more open, transparent and collaborative relationship with patients. Since 2017, Servier has launched numerous initiatives to facilitate the patient care pathway. All collaborations with patients are guided by four principles: transparency, independence, listening and respect.

We support our employees beyond work – offering time off to volunteer for causes and non-profit organizations.

We identify the right, patient-centric business partners to expand our work in Oncology and other priority therapeutic areas. As we remain committed to ensuring ethical and sustainable business practices, we seek to ensure that our business partners have similar values.

We strive to protect the environment where we live and work. Servier Pharmaceuticals commits to minimizing our environmental footprint and to supporting sustainable efforts in our communities.

Our patients are fundamental to our culture

Grants & Funding

We are proud to be able to offer financial assistance to not only support patients and their families, but a variety of U.S.-focused advocacy groups and healthcare professionals as well.


Ethics & Compliance

We strive to be a company that is caring, trustworthy and accountable for ethical and compliant behavior throughout all areas of our organization.


Patient Support

Our patients are fundamental to our culture. We are committed to engaging with patients, caregivers, families and patient organizations to ensure their voices are heard in every initiative.

About Us

Awards & Recognition

At Servier, we are committed to finding innovative solutions that address today’schallenges while building a people-first culture that drives our success and supports the well-being of the patients we serve.