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who we are

How We Lead

As a privately held Oncology leader, Servier is committed to finding solutions for patients living with difficult and hard-to-treat diseases. The company’s oncology portfolio consists of first-in-class and best-in-class medicines designed to bring transformative precision therapies to a greater number of patients.

Governed by a non-profit foundation, Servier approaches innovation with a long-term vision, free of influence from investors and outside pressure to chase short-term monetary targets. At Servier, we bring the patient voice into everything we do, and our commitment to patients extends far beyond approval.

At Servier, each person is propelled by a collective mission to serve those grappling with difficult and hard-to-treat diseases. Our values — daring to innovate, caring deeply, committing to success, and growing through shared efforts — not only guide our daily endeavors but also fuel our corporate responsibility initiatives.

Serving our community is at the heart of our commitment to making a meaningful impact on lives.

For more information on Servier Group’s commitment, download our Corporate Sustainability Report.

privately held Oncology leader

U.S. Oncology leadership established in under 5 years; we’re just getting started!