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Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a complex process that involves multiple stages to transform raw materials into safe and effective medications. From research and development, drug formulation, testing and quality control, production, packaging, and distribution, Servier is involved in every step of the manufacturing process for its products. Meeting the highest standards of quality, safety, and effectiveness for the patients we serve is our top priority.

The longstanding institutional expertise of Servier is complemented by leading-edge technologies. We have enhanced our supply chain organization to meet the increasing complexity driven by the development of our growing product portfolio. Our integrated supply chain enables highly efficient workflows, quality assurance, and regulatory expertise across global markets. With 16 internal manufacturing sites and more than 65 external manufacturing sites around the world, continuous monitoring of logistics performance, and a proven track record, our supply chain organization is fully integrated within Servier. We collaborate closely with business development, manufacturing, distribution, quality control, regulatory, clinical and commercial partners, as well as global operations. This ensures a high level of efficiency, quality, and compliance across the global Servier network.