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As a company committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs, Servier takes an open and collaborative approach to R&D at every stage of the drug development life cycle, including early-stage discovery – where we are proud to support the next generation of innovation.

Our awards recognize the aspiring life-science companies and entrepreneurs who are driving scientific innovation in areas of high unmet need, including hard-to-treat diseases in oncology, neuroscience and immuno-inflammation, as well as those pursuing research in translational medicine, drug development technologies and drug delivery platforms.

FAST Discovery Award: California Life Sciences

Servier is a proud FAST Track Partner of the California Life Sciences (CLS) FAST Advisory Program, designed to provide founders of disruptive innovative life science companies with a customized advisory program to perfect their business models, assess strategic focus, maximize IP and help develop a milestone and scale-up plan to exit.

The Servier Discovery Award is open to interested startups developing innovative approaches in oncology, neuroscience and immuno-inflammation; AI/ML data-driven platforms for drug design; and modality development strategies for small molecules, biologics and oligonucleotides, as well as targeted delivery strategies.

The winner of the Servier Discovery Award will be selected to participate in the CLS FAST Fall cohort—a program that matches entrepreneurs with a custom team of advisors for an intensive team review.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2023 Servier Discovery Award winner in December!

LabCentral Golden Tickets: Cambridge, MA

Servier is a proud Gold sponsor of LabCentral, a premier shared laboratory space located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, designed as a launchpad for life science and biotech startups. Each year, Servier sponsors a contest to award one “Golden Ticket” to support and celebrate promising life-science companies and entrepreneurs. The winner of the “Golden Ticket” will receive a $50,000 credit towards space and services available at LabCentral 700 for use within a 13-month period. Servier will also provide access to its team of talented experts who can provide guidance and feedback to early-stage companies.

2023 Servier Golden Ticket Winner

Congratulations to Hovana, Inc., winner of the Servier 2023 Golden Ticket for LabCentral! Leveraging more than 15 years of technological innovation from its scientific co-founders, Hovana is inventing a new class of precision medicines that correct translation of known oncogenic pathways in historically hard-to-treat cancers. Hovana’s approach provides an opportunity to identify potent small-molecule modulators of tRNA-Regulating Proteins (TRPs) — key molecular drivers of oncogenic translation — with a goal to advance a pipeline of precision medicines with disease-modifying potential and long-lasting efficacy. 
Hear from the 2023 Servier Golden Ticket Winner: Hovana, Inc.

Nick Davis, Sc.D., Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Hovana, Inc. 

Servier as a Partner-of-Choice

  • Independent, ensuring continuity and long-term perspective in partnerships
  • Committed to serving patient needs by working with patients at all stages of the drug development life cycle 
  • Global geographical footprint, with a presence in both established and emerging markets
  • Science driven and substantial R&D investment designed to build a high-quality and sustainable portfolio 
  • Strong capabilities from research to commercialization
  • Over 70 active global partnerships across pharma, biotech and academia