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Servier Expands Base4 Partnership to Advance Neuroscience Drug Development

Base4’s drug discovery platform allows Servier to evaluate billions of novel small molecules to identify and progress RNA-modulators and be competitive in the neuroscience space.

BOSTON, December 8, 2023 – Servier, a leader in transformative therapies committed to bringing the promise of tomorrow to the patients we serve, has expanded a license agreement with Base4 Biotechnology, formerly known as Nymirum, strengthening the company’s strategic collaboration to develop RNA-targeted small molecule therapeutics. This agreement leverages Base4’s drug discovery platform to identify RNA-modulating small molecules to accelerate Servier’s research in neuroscience drug candidates.

“At Servier, we are always looking for ways to better help patients with unmet medical needs whether through internal or partnered research projects,” said Ross Jeggo, Global Head of Neuroscience and Immuno-Inflammation Therapeutic Area at Servier. ““Since first engaging with Base4 to identify potential RNA-modulating small molecule targets in 2021, we have had access to their deep knowledge of this space and the progress we have seen is very promising. As we continue our focus on neuroscience research, Base4’s platform will continue to serve as a valuable partner in our commitment to patients in need of new therapeutic options.”

Base4’s proprietary DART Platform (Dynamic Atomic-Resolution RNA Targeting Platform) provides an end-to-end suite of technologies that enable ensemble-based drug discovery for RNA-targeting small molecules. Modulation of RNA by small molecules is a novel process that offers promise for treating challenging neurological diseases through mechanisms such as inhibition of RNA translation, modulation of RNA splicing, and RNA degradation. The DART Platform identifies potentially druggable regions of RNA, determines validated dynamic RNA structures, screens tens of billions of novel chemical compounds, and drives candidates rapidly through structure-based optimization.

“We are happy to see the significant progress made by the Base4 and Servier teams,” said Joshua Fairbank, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Base4. “Servier’s desire to address the unmet medical needs of patients and our focus on discovering and developing novel RNA-modulating small molecules to treat diseases, make this a great partnership. Importantly, this expansion continues to reinforce the potential of ensemble-based drug discovery, leveraging structural dynamics to methodically target RNA with small molecules at scale. We are looking forward to continuing this collaboration with Servier.”

About Research and Development at Servier

Servier is a science driven company focused on investing in innovative research and developing potential solutions to address the unmet needs of patients. Governed by a non-profit foundation, Servier approaches innovation with a long-term vision, free of influence from investors and outside pressure to chase short-term monetary targets.

Focusing on oncology, cardiometabolism, immune-inflammatory and neuroscience research, Servier draws on the excellence of its research and development employees in France, the U.S. and worldwide to develop effective treatment solutions. Investing more than 20% of its revenue into R&D year over year, Servier is dedicated to internal discovery and development efforts across its research focus areas.

With more than 70 global partnerships and research alliances, Servier uses key collaborations and long-term investments in core research areas to accelerate its progress in healthcare innovation. While many companies across the industry are scaling back investments, Servier is actively building alliances, completing acquisitions, conducting licensing deals and entering new partnerships that can help to accelerate access to therapies for patients in need. With the company’s commercial expertise, global reach, scientific expertise and commitment to clinical excellence, Servier is dedicated to bringing the promise of tomorrow to the patients it serves.

About Base4 Biotechnology

Base4’s mission is to unlock the power of RNA with small molecules to enable the advancement of transformative medicine. Through its proprietary DART Platform, the company develops novel drugs internally and with leading pharma partners.

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